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At Kardinya Chiropractic we provide chiropractic care for everyone at all ages, including newborns and children. We are here to support your child so that they can thrive and grow. 

Infants & Newborns

Our chiropractors assess the baby for any misalignments and corrects them with an extremely gentle touch and precise adjustment, no more pressure than you would use on a tomato. We use a variety of techniques such as mobilisation and an activator on infants and young children. 



We assess milestones and development of the infant/child ensuring they are hitting milestones at the right times. As your child goes through various stages of development they will experiences falls, bumps and bruises which is all normal. At their chiropractic visits we will ensure proper posture and a foundation that is structurally and functionally sound, making crawling, walking and other milestones easier to achieve.

Baby Stretches

Chiropractic for Infants

Some common reasons we treat infants:

  •  Constipation

  •  Gas and bloating

  •  Sleep issues

  •  Plagiocephaly

  •  Traumatic birth

  •  Colic

  •  Reflux

  •  Latch issues

  •  Milestone delays


Chiropractic for Children

Some common reasons we treat children​:

  • Fatigue and irritability

  • Poor immunity

  • Poor sleep

  • Ear aches

  • Head tilts

  • Abnormal head shape

  • Tongue and lip ties

  • Poor posture

  • Neck and back pain

  • Leg pains

Child Physiotherapy

Chiropractic for Teenagers 

How chiropractic can help teenagers:

  • Stress relief

  • Sleep improvement

  • Managing growing pains

  • Posture correction and ergonomic advice for school/studying

  • Addressing 'tech' neck

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