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Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive. If you don’t find what you are looking for here then please feel free to contact us.

What is Chiropractic?


The brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of the body control our self-regulating and self-healing functions.

Chiropractic evaluates the connection between structure and function of the body. Chiropractors assess mainly the spine and pelvis to determine the current function of the nervous system.

Interruptions between the relationship of structure and function may affect the maintenance and recovery of your health.

The brain is encased and protected by the skull and the spinal vertebrae protect the complex communication pathways between the spinal cord and nerve roots. Impairment of these pathways may result in dysfunction of the tissue and organ function throughout the body.

Chiropractic also underlines nutrition & exercise, wellness and healthy lifestyle modifications.


What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?


Chiropractors employ a series of gentle manual manipulative procedures to stimulate and reinstall motion within the spinal joints that are not moving correctly. The manipulations are usually delivered by the doctor’s hands, an instrument or a special drop table. All techniques are delivered in a way to safely and effectively ‘adjust’ the spine.The Chiropractic adjustment itself involves a low force thrusting motion into the facet joints of the spinal column, as well as the joints of the upper & lower extremities. The Chiropractor will personalise the best techniques appropriate for every individual patient to achieve the best result for the patient’s condition.


Is Chiropractic Care Safe?


Yes it certainly is! Chiropractic care is safe and has an excellent safety record. The Chiropractor will be using safe, gentle, scientific techniques to ease your pain and to reduce any subluxations which may be found throughout your spine.


How Long Does It Take To Work?


Usually within the first 4 weeks the patient may start to experience enough changes to know they are getting the right care. But there are many factors that may interfere with the progression. How long have you had your problem? Do you keep your appointments? Are you getting the proper rest, exercise and nutrition? Are you in otherwise good health?


What Do I Need To Bring To My First Appointment?


If you have any previous scans (X-rays, MRI’s or CT’s) it is encouraged to bring them along to your first appointment.


Can I Get Adjusted While Pregnant?


Yes you can! In fact, many women have reported easier birthing processes after undergoing regular Chiropractic care. Different techniques are utilized to safely adjust pregnant women.


Is It Safe To Adjust Babies?


Yes it is. The adjustments differ significantly from that of adults. The Chiropractor may use the Activator method technique or use finger-tip pressure on the baby’s back or neck. The pressure is so light, it is as much as you would use on an adult’s eyeball. Gentle dural stretches and massage to the muscles on either side of the baby’s spine or stomach may also be used depending on your baby’s condition.

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